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Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following known limitations.

Issue First reported in Description
2565676 If a user or user group assigned as recipient for an incident type is deleted when an incident's Recipients tab is open, the recipients list is not automatically updated to reflect the change.
2565626 If a new user group is created when the Incident configuration page is open, the Auto-assign recipients list is not automatically updated to show the new user group.
Workaround: Close and reopen the Incident configuration task.
2553576 Sometimes, the Incident Manager role does not start after upgrading from Genetec Mission Control™ when RabbitMQ version 3.8.3 is already installed.
Workaround: Open the RabbitMQ command prompt and enter rabbitmqctl enable_feature_flag quorum_queue.

For more details, see the Incident Manager role not connecting to RabbitMQ topic in the Genetec Mission Control™ Troubleshooting Guide.

2542520 Triggered incident pins disappear when switching between maps in the Incident monitoring tasks.
2462156 When adding more than one output entity in the Trigger output workflow activity, the dialog box shows unnecessary entities.
2446797 When logging on to a saved workspace in Security Desk with a triggered incident in the Monitoring task, the Incident details pane is not displayed accurately.
Workaround: Select another incident in the Incident monitoring task.
2438786 When configuring the Trigger output workflow activity, the dialog box displays roles and entities that have no valid outputs.
2432621 The Contact entity list in the Call action configuration dialog box gets deselected when searching for the contact entity.
2431627 When the Export incident activity is used immediately after the Trigger and add sub-incident activity in an incident workflow, the exported information does not include sub-incident ID.
2421575 Activating or deactivating a profile for a user already logged into Security Desk, reloads the queue of incidents configured with auto-open in the notification tray in Security Desk.
2416095 When Synchronize incident monitoring tasks is selected in Security Desk for a set up with multiple monitors, selecting multiple incidents with different map configurations, displays the default map with missing incident details.
2372085 When multiple images are configured as documents for a dynamic SOP step, selecting the option All documents in the step displays only one of the images.
2371156 When an incident configured with Auto-open in Monitoring is triggered, the Monitoring task does not close automatically even when the incident is transferred to another recipient.
2370643 When saving an Incident report task in Security Desk, the default sort option for incident reports is not saved.
2236819 Sometimes the workflow does not run because the system reads it inaccurately.
2211429 2.11 SR1 If the Wait for state > New activity is at the beginning of the workflow, it will not be executed.
2119187 2.11 GA Incidents triggered from the Web API with geographical coordinates do not display correctly on an image map if the map is not georeferenced, or if the map is georeferenced and the incident is triggered outside the image boundary.
2049698 2.11 GA Incidents triggered in an area on a .jpeg image map do not include the incident location (latitude and longitude).
2020510 2.10 GA Incident is not triggered by an Access denied event from a cardholder group, when the specific user is in a subgroup under that group.
1861305 2.9 GA Documents that are available on a schedule remain visible in the Documents widget on the incident dashboard, if an associated incident is selected when the scheduled period ends.
Workaround: Refresh the Documents widget by logging off and logging back on, or briefly switching to another incident.
1753448 2.8 GA When using the Change incident type workflow activity to change an incident to another type with TTR enforced, TTR events will not be triggered, if they were already triggered in the previous incident type.
1633372 2.8 GA After generating an incident report with several incidents displayed on the same map, selecting one of the incident pins, does not select the corresponding incident in the incident list.
1188735 2.7 GA Profile auto-assignment: When operators who are allowed to use profiles log on through a Security Desk workstation without Genetec Mission Control™ installed, the profiles are auto-assigned to them.
1108767 2.7 GA The incident configuration audit trails are never deleted.
721822 2.3 GA When you delete an incident icon from the Properties tab, the icon is only removed for the selected incident, not all incidents.
632319 2.3 GA Failover: After a failover occurs, the configured Delay for the workflow of an incident is not respected. The Delay duration reverts to the default setting (0).
545314 2.3 GA Incident monitoring: Grouping over 5000 incidents can take up to three minutes, and Security Desk does not respond during this time.
518515 2.3 GA Incident monitoring: When you maximize and restore a map in the task, the Incident pane size also changes.