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The following software issues are resolved in Genetec Mission Control™

Issue Description
2802501 The Trigger incident dialog box in Security Desk does not provide a text box to enter text for custom field description.
2777347 The incident listing in the Incident monitoring task automatically adjusts row height to accommodate information in the Alarm context column even when the column is not set to be displayed.
2766755 When there are multiple doors in an incident report, Security Desk freezes while the Incident report task refreshes.
2766354 Sometimes, opening and closing the Incident monitoring task multiple times in succession causes a memory leak that might slow down Security Desk in the long run.
2765491 The Monitoring task displays multiple tiles for an active incident triggered on an alarm with an attached Tile plugin.
2763328 The events sent to the Directory server when RabbitMQ is offline are processed and aggregated by Genetec Mission Control™ when RabbitMQ is back online only after a delay.
2762483 When the Incident monitoring task has the view filter configured for incident listing, sometimes manually triggered incidents are not displayed in the filtered list.
2758991 Sometimes, the automation workflow in the parent collaborative incident is not executed due to a time delay in the execution of certain workflow activities being misclassified as an infinite loop.
2739437 Security Desk is unresponsive when beginning to monitor an active incident from the Incident report task.
2737805 The Events selection in System > Roles > Incident Manager > Events > Specific in Config Tool is saved but not displayed.
2736193 Sometimes when an incident automation workflow using Conditional activities directs system action based on Door status from CCURE plugin events, the door status is updated after a slight delay which might cause misdirection.
2697346 Incident Manager database does not upgrade when a sub-incident is open but the parent collaborative incident is absent in the system.
2697075 Location for incidents triggered on alarms for Unit lost events are set as the alarm instead of the unit and subsequent events related to the unit are not aggregated.