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The number of incidents Genetec Mission Control™ can handle per minute depends on the number of incident types, the complexity of the incident detection rules and workflows, the number of active incidents, and the speed the events are generated in the system.

Genetec Mission Control™ performance benchmark

The following benchmark is based on a high performance server. The values indicated here are just an approximation. The real values may vary depending on the actual setup.

Number of incident types Number of active incidents Events/second Incidents/minute
100 (simple trigger1) 1,000 (simple workflow3) 3,500 60
100 (simple trigger) 1,000 (complex workflow4) 500 20
100 (complex trigger2) 1,000 (simple workflow) 750 30
100 (complex trigger) 1,000 (complex workflow) 250 20

1 Single event qualifying rule with no constraint. Example: Any Person falling.

2 Single event qualifying rule with two constraints. Example: Any Person falling, occurring 2 times, within 8 seconds.

3 Single activity without condition. Example: Change description to 'New description'.

4 Multiple activities including delays and a loop. Example: (1) Change description → (2) Delay → (3) Change priority → (4) Delay → (5) Column color → (6) Delay → Column color → (7) Go to 4.