Known issues in Genetec Mission Control™ 2.8 GA - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.8 GA

Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes 2.8 GA

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Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

Genetec Mission Control™ 2.8 GA includes the following known issues:

Issue Description
1749005 Operators with the Link incidents privilege can link incidents they do not have permission to see using the incident ID.
1745815 Document management view in the Incident configuration task takes more than two minutes to load when there are 9000 documents.
1708941 If the option to Automatically change incident state is enabled, a non-recipient can take ownership of new incidents by opening them in the Monitoring task.
1704469 Unable to link an incident using drag and drop in the new Incident report task.
1704316 View on map button does not work if the incident is already selected.
Workaround: Deselect the incident and reselect it.
1672064 TTR settings are not included when exporting a dynamic SOP.
Workaround: Manually add TTR settings to the exported CSV file.
1668930 Workflow: If the incident type is changed inside a Parallel tasks activity before all branches complete, the other branches will continue to run with the new incident type workflow.
  • Avoid changing incident type in a parallel task.
  • If required, ensure that no other task is running when the type is changed (for example, by using a delay).
1668680 Activating Maintenance mode on the Incident Manager role has no effect.
1526393 If you are not the recipient of a linked incident, changing the state of the linked incident does not show in your incident dashboard.
Workaround: Write a comment.
1525906 Cannot save incident list filter template if the template is applied.
Workaround: Save before applying the filter template.
1475849 After a user transfers an incident to a profile, and someone takes ownership of the incident, the Owner of incident is displayed as "Unavailable information".
1456530 The audit trails description of a modification made to a step in a dynamic SOP contains incomprehensible text.
1423066 When importing the incident configuration (JSON file) from another system, triggers that refer to entities in the other system are dropped without any warning.
1405926 Incident monitoring: Filters are not saved to templates as they are supposed to.
1405729 Incident export: Non-completed steps in a dynamic SOP are always exported with the elapsed time value of 0:04:59:50.
1405654 Incident export: The elapsed time of completed steps in a SOP are not exported.
1376395 Misleading error message when importing a dynamic SOP while there are unsaved changes. The incident type is nevertheless imported correctly.
1231340 Incident types are imported as In service by default, which poses the risk of disrupting live operations.
1184508 Genetec Mission Control™ is not backward compatible with older versions and does not display a warning message when incompatible versions are used together.
1142965 Security Desk freezes after opening the Incident monitoring task if Security Desk workstation and the Incident Manager server are running different versions of Genetec Mission Control™.
1108578 Audit trails: Document changes made in the Document management view of the Incident configuration task, are not reported in the Audit trails task.
1101193 When an incident is triggered for a cardholder event, an incident is also triggered for the cardholder group the cardholder belongs to.
1045821 When a supervisor transfers a collaborative incident configured to be only visible to supervisors, to a user that the supervisor does not oversee, the supervisor of that user sees both the collaborative incident and its sub-incidents instead of seeing only the collaborative incident.
1044720 The incident workflow hangs at the Wait for event activity if the previous event source is a specific cardholder.
1043678 The incident type status (activated or deactivated) is not exported with the rest of the incident type properties.
1041121 Incident notification: View on map button only works if the incident is displayed on the current map.
1040487 Incidents received while Security Desk is closed appear as read (normal font) when Security Desk opens, instead of as unread (bold).
1036591 After exporting and importing incident types, the alert sound bites associated to the incident types are displayed as UNKNOWN, but function properly.
1028364 Some entity types, such as alarms, elevators, parking zones, and so on, are not available as incident locations in the Trigger incident dialog box.
954011 Incident states are not reflected in near real-time in the Incident report task.
950210 Incident states are not updated in near real-time on maps.
947683 When a priority is deleted from the Properties page of the Incident Manager role, the priority is not deleted from the incident list in the Incident monitoring task.
944316 In the Incident monitoring task, if you lose your connection to the network, the system might display a dialog box that says The configuration of New incident was modified. Do you want to apply the changes?
Workaround: Click Cancel to close the dialog box.
939861 Sometimes, the Incident configuration task in Config Tool generates an unhandled exception error but continues to work.
937870 When a supervisor is logged in while modifications are made to the list of users they supervise, the changes are not updated in the Incident monitoring task.
935322 Creating a database on a remote server for the Incident manager role does not work. An error is displayed, and the database is not created.
933413 In the Aggregated events dialog box, when you right-click the column header and choose Select custom columns, there are no custom columns available to select.
933166 On the Workflow tab, when you arm or disarm a zone in a flowchart, only virtual zones are displayed for selection in the Attached entities list.
930192 After switching the server hosting the Incident Manager role on the Resources tab in Config Tool, the Incident Manager role does not come back online.
824206 Events for specific sources, such as access granted events on a door, might produce the same incident twice.
787637 Incident Manager failover: When an incident with a series of rules is triggered while the Incident Manager role is offline, multiple incidents are created after the Incident Manager role comes back online. Only one incident should be created.
753326 Incidents cannot be triggered manually on the map where a text object is displayed.
Workaround: Disable the display of Shapes on the map, trigger the incident, and re-enable the display of Shapes.
751818 Incident monitoring: Closed incidents are not always removed from the map display.
737204 When an area that is referenced in the advanced dispatch configuration of an incident type is deleted from the system, the configuration of the incident type is not flagged as invalid.
519619 The alarm acknowledgment buttons do not work in the General tab of the Incident Monitoring dashboard.