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Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes 2.8 GA

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Genetec Mission Control™ 2.8 GA
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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

There are no resolved issues in Genetec Mission Control™ 2.8 GA.
Issue Description
1747612 RabbitMQ memory usage increases until it stops accepting incoming connections (shutting down).
1730437 Workflow: Crash prevents the Aggregate event activity from running.
1710612 Users are unable to connect to Incident Manager tasks after setting an incident reminder more than 25 days into the future.
1704381 SDK: Unable to trigger an incidents using geographic position (latitude and longitude).
1704295 Workflow: Crash prevents the Aggregate event activity from running.
1700579 Workflow: Incidents do not automatically transition from Resolved to Closed as defined in the incident workflow.
1678270 Incident reminders: Many errors are raised when an incident reminder is unable to trigger a new incident.
1674471 Workflow Display entity: Activity cannot be restricted to the incident owner.
1674067 Workflow: When using multiple screens, the Display entity activity is always shown on the active monitor.
1673570 When an incident is triggered from two sources, an entity and an alarm, the incident is not displayed over the alarm entity on the map, and the map does not open when selecting the incident from the list.
1659942 When an alarm is triggered by a source (such as an event-to-action), no incidents can be triggered by that alarm.

After a Incident Manager role failover, incident workflows do not resume when the role starts because of a problem with persistence.

1533991 Profile selection dialog box: Unhandled exception while attempting a profile selection.
1533989 Unable to trigger an incident from an event with a condition on custom data.
1520210 While commenting on an incident in state New, the selected incident becomes another incident In progress.
1475858 After a user transfers an incident from profile A to profile B, the incident is not hidden from the list of all users to whom profile A is assigned.
1467937 Incident Manager role does not process events for 30 minutes after restarting the Directory.
1405920 Document management: Changing the Document API port to a different value than the default (8083) prevents document downloads.
1405918 Document management: The Document API port stays in use when logging off with one user account and logging on with another.
1361061 Workflow Column color: Some column colors make text unreadable.
1356482 Workflow Display entity: Custom entities are not available in the list of options.
1244178 Incident trigger timestamp and aggregated event timestamp show when Genetec Mission Control™ received the event, not when the event occurred.
1104539 When you configure an incident to trigger based on a specific alarm, the incident is not created if that alarm has a camera source.