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Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes 2.8 GA

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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The enhancements for Genetec Mission Control™ 2.8 GA are as follows.

Incident management enhancements

The incident management experience has been enriched through the following features.
Time To Response and Time To Resolution enforcement
Genetec Mission Control™ now tracks Time To Response and Time To Resolution (collectively TTR). These metrics record how long it takes to respond to incidents, and resolve incidents and dynamic standard operating procedure steps. For incident types, you can set a maximum time to response. For incident types and dynamic standard operating procedure steps, you can set a minimum and a maximum time to resolution. If these minimum or maximum times are not respected, the violation is recorded and an optional notification can be raised. When enabled for an incident or dynamic standard operating procedure step:
  • Granted time not respected events are logged with incident activities.
  • Granted time not respected criteria can be used to filter incidents when generating an incident report.
  • A granted time not respected event can be used to trigger the Wait for TTR event workflow activity.
Visual reporting
Genetec Mission Control™ reporting tasks now offer dynamic charts and graphs that facilitate deeper data analysis and identification of activity patterns that enhance your understanding. For more information, see About visual reports.
Profile reporting
Profile reporting has been removed from the Incident report task and is now available in its own Profile report task.
Incident workflow
The Display entity workflow activity has been enhanced with an option to restrict it to the incident owner.
Event aggregation
Event aggregation has been enhanced to timestamp events with the time they occurred. A new filter has been added to Latest activity list in the incident dashboard for aggregated events. This filter is disabled by default.

For an overview of what Genetec Mission Control™ can do for your organization, view our product description web page.