Installing the cumulative hotfix in Silent Mode - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.9 GA Cumulative Hotfix 004

Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes 2.9 GA Cumulative Hotfix 004

Genetec Mission Control™ 2.9 GA Cumulative Hotfix 004
Release notes
Mission Control > Genetec Mission Control™

The cumulative hotfix can be installed without any prompts or visual feedback using a command line.

Before you begin

Ensure that Genetec Mission Control™ 2.9 GA software is installed.

For more information about installing Genetec Mission Control™, see Installing Genetec Mission Control™ 2.9.

NOTE: Cumulative Hotfix 004 can be installed on top of previous hotfixes.


  1. Copy the ZIP file that contains the hotfix installation files to any folder on the computer that you are updating.
  2. Extract the EXE from the ZIP file.
  3. Close all Genetec Inc. applications (Config Tool, Security Desk, and so on).
  4. Open a command prompt with elevated privileges (Run as administrator).
  5. At the elevated command prompt:
    1. If you are updating your main server, stop the Genetec™ Server service by entering: net stop GenetecServer
    2. Start the installer by entering: <NAME_OF_HOTFIX>.exe” /s /v”/qn”

    3. You can change to the directory where the EXE file is located before running the command, or you can specify the absolute path of the EXE file in the command as follows:

      “C:\Genetec\<NAME_OF_HOTFIX>.exe” /s /v”/qn”
    4. If you stopped the Genetec™ Server service, restart it by entering: net start GenetecServer