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The following software issues are resolved in Genetec Mission Control™

Issue Description
2884243 Any change to the accepted incoming state in the System > > Roles > Incident Manager > States > State properties settings in Config Tool causes an error in the Config Tool > Audit trail report.
2861758 When incidents are grouped by state and shown in collapsed view in the Incident monitoring task, a state change in any of the incidents in the group automatically expands the view.
2832787 Incident Manager fails to trigger incidents when the connection to RabbitMQ is broken.
2831992 A linked map in maps view loads incorrectly in Security Desk.
2828086 The Incident details pane fails to load in the Incident monitoring task due to RabbitMQ queue error.
2828038 When viewing an email report of the dynamic SOP table on a mobile device, there are line breaks mid-word.
2824441 Special characters or empty default values for Additional fields in the Incident Manager > Properties page is not handled accurately by the system.
2808074 If an alarm has the same name as any custom entity, the custom entity is logged as the triggering entity for any event pertaining to that alarm.
2806925 Intercom entities are not displayed in the Monitoring task tiles.
2804140 When an active incident is opened in the Monitoring task, entities attached to the alarm that triggered the incident are not displayed in the Monitoring task.
2803826 Send an email automation workflow activity does not translate imported dynamic SOP.
2802176 When alarms have the same trigger source, the Rules Engine logs them as one alarm, causing a malfunction in the Previous source event configuration in the incident triggers configuration.
2777347 The incident listing in the Incident monitoring task automatically adjusts row height to accommodate information in the Alarm context column even when the column is not set to be displayed.
2767211 Logging into the Mobile app uses an additional Genetec Mission Control™ license.
2766755 When there are multiple doors in an incident report, Security Desk freezes while the Incident report task refreshes.
2766354 Sometimes, opening and closing the Incident monitoring task multiple times in succession causes a memory leak that might slow down Security Desk in the long run.
2766157 Unable to drag and drop video tiles from the Monitoring task in local instance of Security Desk to the remote instance of Security Desk.
2765999 When the same workstation is used to log on to multiple systems, Config Tool crashes if one system has Genetec Mission Control™ and another does not.
2765491 The Monitoring task displays multiple tiles for an active incident triggered on an alarm with an attached Tile plugin.
2763328 The events sent to the Directory server when RabbitMQ is offline are processed and aggregated by Genetec Mission Control™ when RabbitMQ is back online only after a delay.
2762483 When the Incident monitoring task has the view filter configured for incident listing, sometimes manually triggered incidents are not displayed in the filtered list.
2758991 Sometimes, the automation workflow in the parent collaborative incident is not executed due to a time delay in the execution of certain workflow activities being misclassified as an infinite loop.
2740304 When a custom widget has an exception error, the Incident details pane becomes unresponsive.
2738762 When an attempt is made to delete user profiles using the keyboard, a user without the Modify profile properties privileges is asked to confirm action to delete profiles.
2737754 When the configuration for incident triggers is Triggers > Additional trigger properties > Restrict multiple occurrence to > > One per area and the incident type automation workflow includes an activity to aggregate events, incidents triggered on an entity in a child area are aggregated to the active incident that was triggered on an entity in the parent area.
2696629 In the Incident monitoring task, when clicking one incident and moving on to select another, sometimes both incidents are selected by the system.