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If RabbitMQ is deployed on a standalone machine or in a high availability configuration with multiple nodes, you must use an adapted procedure to upgrade RabbitMQ to version 3.8.3 or later, as applicable.

Before you begin

This procedure is specific to the deployment of RabbitMQ by the Genetec Mission Control™ installer. For external deployment of RabbitMQ with third party solutions, refer to the third party documentation as deployment process may differ.

To see how .erlang cookie paths are constructed, see the RabbitMQ Clustering Guide

Copy the Genetec Mission Control™ installation package to all RabbitMQ servers.

Tip: It is recommended to use a 3-node cluster for high availability. For details, see Configuring high availability for RabbitMQ in the Genetec Mission Control™ Deployment Guide.

What you should know

Before you upgrade your RabbitMQ, validate your existing RabbitMQ configuration.


To upgrade RabbitMQ on standalone machines, perform the following steps on each node:

  1. Stop the RabbitMQ service.
  2. Back up the .erlang.cookie file to a temporary storage location.
    Usual file path for the .erlang.cookie can be either of the following:
    • C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile
    • C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService
  3. If using your own certificates in C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec\RabbitMQ, you must create a back up for them as well.
  4. Use the advanced setup in the Genetec Mission Control™ installation wizard to only upgrade RabbitMQ.
    Your RabbitMQ has been upgraded.

If you have a RabbitMQ configuration for high availability with 3 or more nodes, on each node:

  1. Right-click the Notepad application, select Run as administrator, and then open the RabbitMQ.conf file in Notepad.
    By default, the RabbitMQ configuration file, RabbitMQ.conf, is found in C:\ProgramData\Genetec\RabbitMQ\config.
    Tip: Using Notepad++ with Makefile set as language improves the readability of the file.
  2. Modify the following line from:
    # cluster_partition_handling = pause_minority
    cluster_partition_handling = pause_minority
    By removing the # symbol, the line is no longer flagged as a comment and becomes part of the code.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the RabbitMQ service.