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Genetec Mission Control™

Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following enhancements.

RabbitMQ compatibility notice

It is recommended for you to upgrade to RabbitMQ version 3.8.16 depending on your system environment.

You can upgrade your RabbitMQ using the Genetec Mission Control™ installer. For details, see Installing Genetec Mission Control™ 3.0.

For details on how to upgrade your RabbitMQ failover cluster version, see the official RabbitMQ Clustering Guide.

General enhancements

Automation workflow activity: Reboot unit
You can reboot one or more units using this automation activity in the incident workflow. You can select a dynamic source such as incident location or a static source such as a video unit or a access control unit.
Additional fields
You can add additional fields to incident properties. They can be a string, numeric or boolean value. Every additional field you add creates a corresponding custom column that can be enabled in the incident listing view in the Incident monitoring task in Security Desk.
You can use these additional fields in the following ways:
  • Enable the system to automatically select a dynamic SOP step option.
  • As a parameter in the Conditional activities automation workflow activity.
  • As a filter criteria in the Incident report task.
Description field length increased
You can use up to 1024 characters in the following fields:
Configuration: Config Tool
  • Incident type description in the Incident configuration page of the Incident configuration task.
  • Profile description in the Profiles page of the Incident configuration task.
  • Change description automation workflow activity in an incident types' Automation page.
Operations: Security Desk
  • Incident description column in the Incident monitoring task.
  • Update incident description in the incident Overview widget in the Incident monitoring task.
  • Incident export from the Incident monitoring task.
    NOTE: The incident export report layout has been modified, improving readability.
  • Incident reports from the Incident report task.
RabbitMQ configuration
  • A RabbitMQ tab has been added to the Incident Manager role configuration.
    NOTE: The RabbitMQ configuration section was previously located in the Incident Manager role configuration page under Properties > Show advanced options.
  • By default, the RabbitMQ server runs on your main server. If your RabbitMQ server runs on a different server or uses different logon parameters, change them here. If you have set up RabbitMQ failover, add the IP address of all your RabbitMQ servers here.
  • RabbitMQ version has been updated, which strengthens security of communications.
    NOTE: You might lose events during the reboot when your RabbitMQ server is upgraded.

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