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Genetec Mission Control™
Release notes

Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following known issues.

Issue First reported in Description
3080516 When there are multiple Display entity activities in succession in an automation workflow, video feed from all the entities are not always displayed.
3073253 When using Display entity automation activity to display layouts with doors that do not have attached cameras, the doors are not displayed in the Monitoring task.
3066508 When the Alarm triggered event is configured as the second trigger for an incident, it does not work even after configuring the Advanced event filtering option.
3054541 When sending an email of a snapshot with the Industrial IoT plugin for a custom event, the email received by the recipient does not contain the snapshot.
3020988 If an incident is triggered on an ESRI map configured with Initial map zoom level for selected incidents, the zoom level cannot be changed on the map.
2989703 In the Monitoring task, door entities are missing from the display layout even when the Display entity activity is configured within the automation workflow of the incident.
2973873 When the Genetec™ Server is restarted with an unsaved incident type configuration in Config Tool, the Incident Manager role might do one of the following:
  • Display an error message
  • Lose the configuration
  • Prompt to save changes
2936276 When an incident is triggered on a custom entity created using a plugin, the incident is not displayed in the Monitoring task.
2934726 If a user does not have the TTR Metrics privilege, TTR notifications are not displayed in Security Desk.
2922169 An active incident triggered by an Access denied event plays live video in the Monitoring task, even when the camera associated with the door is configured for playback.
2806862 When there are active incidents triggered on different maps, and the Show all incidents on default map option is selected in the Incident monitoring task Settings > Incident options dialog box, the map view does not refresh to display an accurate list of active incidents.
2777100 When an incident type is configured to be triggered by an Access denied event followed by the user starting a camera recording, sometimes the trigger rules are not followed.
2739311 Security Center users without TTR Metrics privilege can see TTR notifications in Security Desk.
2736539 Genetec Mission Control™ Web API and the Genetec™ Document Service displays the incorrect error code when the document upload request is large.