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Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes

Genetec Mission Control™
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The following software issues are resolved in Genetec Mission Control™

Issue Description
3752335 Incidents triggered by a door event that is opened in a separate task, displays the same two doors in the tiles in Security Desk.
3471439 Configuring an incident with the Video display option as Live and playback displays only the live camera tile without the playback tile in the Monitoring task.
3469610 Information in the Latest Activity widget in the Incident details pane is not displayed and the loading animation keeps on spinning.
3469364 Generating an incident report with more than 5,000 incidents creates an error.
3427383 In the Incident report task, if a user right clicks on an incident and selects the View in Monitoring option the door entity is not displayed in the tiles.
3425161 Removing an alarm from the trigger list of an incident removes other alarms associated with the incident.
3418612 In Security Desk, if an unmapped virtual zone triggers an incident, the incident pin is placed at a mapped virtual zone that is available on the map.
3416538 When a user adds a single alarm in the trigger of an incident configuration, multiple alarms are added.
3337316 RabbitMQ is queuing up and accumulating messages that leads to the client exceeding their license limit.