Supported upgrades from earlier versions of Mission Control - Mission Control | Mission Control Web API 2.6

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Genetec Mission Control™
Release notes

Not all earlier versions of Genetec Mission Control™ can upgrade directly to Mission Control Before you upgrade, you must check which upgrade path applies to your current version.

A one-step upgrade is supported for the following Mission Control releases:
  • Mission Control and later.
A two-step upgrade is required for Mission Control releases before
Step 1
Upgrade to Mission Control
Step 2
Upgrade to Mission Control
NOTE: For versions and earlier it is recommended you run Legacy Workflows using Mission Control commands command from the Server Admin:
  1. Click <Your server name>.
  2. Click Actions > Console > Commands > Mission Control commands > Legacy Workflows.
Example: When you have legacy workflows running for active incidents from 2.11 GA the upgrade is blocked.
NOTE: If you have Genetec Mission Control™ Web API installed, it is automatically upgraded to a compatible version when upgrading Mission Control.