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The following issues are resolved in Genetec Mission Control™

Issue Description
3234884 Security Desk freezes when adding multiple documents to an incident.
3207423 When an incident is closed, information from the Area and Events triggered column are missing on the Incident details pane in Security Desk.
3206257 The Wait for event Incident management activity has broken aggregations.
3191102 Adding an entity to an incident on the Related entities widget does not display the entity in the Monitoring task.
3189866 Security Desk freezes when the Access denied: Stolen Credential event occurs in an incident.
3189761 User procedure did not open on the Genetec™ Mobile app.
3188367 When an incident is triggered and is configured to dispatch the incident everyone, it is being dispatched to only online recipients.
3181077 If a triggered Collaborative incident has sub-incidents with auto-assigned recipients, the incident is not dispatched to those recipients.
3180574 The text color for the (Closed-Pending) text is always white, regardless of the color of the column.
3180080 Incidents with a restricted trigger strategy do not follow restrictions when the server for the Incident Manager role is restarted.
3178475 The Incident monitoring task shows doors as being offline when the System status task shows the entity as online in the Security Desk.
3177996 When an incident is triggered, unrelated parent areas are added to source entities and displayed on the Related entities widget in the Incident monitoring task.
3169031 Configuration for incident recipients is lost when upgrading to Genetec Mission Control™
3168935 In Security Desk when the incident state index is sorted on the Incident monitoring task it is sorted by the state instead of being alphabetically sorted.
3168295 The Incident monitoring task and the Incident configuration task do not work after upgrading to Genetec Mission Control™
3167771 When requesting a default incident icon through the Genetec Mission Control™ Web API endpoint, an error is received.
3148633 The Collapse and Expand widgets button on the Incident Details pane in the Incident monitoring task is not visible anymore.
3140300 Macro does not work as expected when attaching a cardholder manually.
3140299 The attached camera feed is not displayed when it is configured to a incident trigger in the Monitoring task.
3139445 Upon uninstalling Genetec Mission Control™, MongoDb does not get uninstalled automatically and blocks the reinstall of the software.
3139431 In the Incident configuration task when using the Auto Assign option in the Recipients tab, the incidents do not get assigned to anyone when the incident is triggered in Security Desk.
3104608 Delay in displaying the Automation tab in Incident configuration when using multiple Additional fields.
3087256 The Incident monitoring task displays incident recipient as None when an incident is dispatched to a Security Center user based on the Auto-assign recipient configuration.
3079858 The Boolean type additional field value is displayed as True or False instead of Yes or No in the Latest activity report.
3074079 When updating an automation workflow with a Conditional activities automation activity that is not configured, the updates are not saved.
3073276 When trying to open another instance of an already open document from the Documents widget in the Incident monitoring task, you get a Cannot open document error.
2989704 Creating a manual incident with multiple child entities takes more time than expected.
2827777 When active incidents are grouped by Latest event time, the group header includes an invalid date for manually triggered incidents.