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Genetec Mission Control™

Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following enhancements.

RabbitMQ compatibility notice

It is recommended to upgrade to RabbitMQ version 3.9.13 using the Genetec Mission Control™ installer, depending on your system environment.

For more information, see Installing Genetec Mission Control™ 3.1.

For more information about how to upgrade your RabbitMQ failover cluster, see the official RabbitMQ Clustering Guide.

General enhancements

Configuration: Config Tool
Updates to Send an email automation activity
Expanded recipient list
In addition to Security Center users and user groups, you can send an email with information about incidents to cardholders, cardholder groups and recipients external to Security Center. The external recipients can also be configured to be dynamic by using one or more of the Incident properties, Additional fields or Security Center Custom fields.
Attach an incident report
You can attach a saved public report to the email as a data file, chart image or both.
You can choose the data file export to be in PDF, Excel or CSV and the chart image to be JPEG or PNG.
Activate or deactivate selected card readers
All card readers in areas, doors and elevators can be configured to activate or deactivate. Doors and elevators inside a selected area inherit the configuration automatically.
Configure failover for RabbitMQ servers
The Incident Manager role can be mapped with RabbitMQ servers to be configured as the failover servers.
Restrict incident triggers to source entity types
You can configure custom events by restricting incident triggers to dynamic and static source entity types.
Add URL as an Additional field
You can create an Additional field for a URL which would display the web page on a tile in the Incident monitoring task. The URL can be configured with dynamic fields pointing to specific web pages based on Custom fields, Additional fields or Incident properties.
Record Fusion Service now generates Genetec Mission Control™ incident records
The Record Fusion System can now retrieve information about Genetec Mission Control™ incidents for administrators and also to users who have been granted the associated privileges.
Operations: Security Desk
Incident Hold time increased to 20 days(480 hours)
You can now change the state of an incident to On hold for 20 days(480 hours) on the Incident monitoring task in Security Desk.

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