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The following issues are resolved in Genetec Mission Control™

Issue Description
3414232 Triggered incidents having a step in their automation to Display entity does not display any video when incident trigger is related to a camera event.
3413476 The SQL server is flooded with data about the Incident Manager role every time it starts.
3413473 In the Incident configuration task, while configuring the User procedure, if the Step name has a starting double quotes but missing the closing double quotes, the export button in the procedure is grayed out.
3413472 The Category column is missing data from the incident report during a scheduled export of the report.
3413465 Events triggered in an incident are missing from the Incident monitoring task.
3410429 Config Tool crashes after the Incident configuration task is opened when a custom event is deleted which is followed by another event at the source.
3392974 Error message is displayed in the Event Viewer when a dynamic user procedure is completed.
3376990 In the Incident configuration task, attempting to select all choices of a single choice drop-down crashes Config Tool.
3374879 The Monitoring task does not display all cameras attached to the incident.
3373850 Users are unable to generate an incident report using the Record Fusion Service.
3370724 In the Incident configuration task, a gray screen is displayed when switching to a tab that was saved a few moments ago.
3344389 Adding a field in the User procedure step properties gets duplicated in both the Name and the Instruction.
3339621 The Incident monitoring task displays the location pin in the wrong map when triggering an incident on the map.