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Upgrade your Genetec Mission Control™ environment based on your deployment architecture.

Before you begin

Get the latest build of Mission Control. For information on how to get the package, see Installing Mission Control 3.1.

What you should know

It is recommended you upgrade RabbitMQ to the version available with the installer package.


  1. Upgrade the Directory server.
  2. Upgrade any failover Security Center Directory servers.
  3. Upgrade the Mission Control server.
    NOTE: This process upgrades Mission Control, Genetec Mission Control™ Web API, the Incident Manager database and RabbitMQ if it is on the same server as Mission Control.
  4. Upgrade any failover Mission Control servers.
  5. Validate the existing RabbitMQ configuration setup.
  6. If you have RabbitMQ on one or more standalone machines, upgrade the RabbitMQ nodes:
    1. Deactivate the Incident Manager role:
      1. Select System > Roles > Incident Manager.
      2. Right click the Incident Manager role to select Maintenance > Deactivate role.
    2. Upgrade your RabbitMQ configuration.
  7. If the server is not back online, start the Genetec™ Server service on the Directory server.
  8. If the server is not back online, start the Genetec™ Server service on the Mission Control server.
  9. Upgrade all Mission Control workstations.
    You have successfully upgraded your Mission Control environments.