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Upgrading the nodes of your RabbitMQ cluster can be done without any downtime for your system.

Before you begin

If you are upgrading from Genetec Mission Control™, you would not need to upgrade your RabbitMQ setup. However, it is recommended that you validate your RabbitMQ setup after the upgrade to ensure optimal operational efficiency.

Refer the Upgrading RabbitMQ article to understand the deployment process.

Make sure the Incident Manager role and the RabbitMQ cluster is configured correctly.

Copy the Mission Control installation package to all RabbitMQ servers.


  1. Create a copy of the certificates folder for the RabbitMQ server on every system. The folder location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec\RabbitMQ.
  2. Open the Task Manager, in the Services tab right-click on RabbitMQ and stop the service.
    Task Manager Services tab.
  3. Run the Genetec Mission Control™ Installer, choose Advanced and click Next.
    Mission Control Installer displaying installation options.
  4. On the Custom Setup page:
    • Select the RabbitMQ Server option.
    • Clear both the Mission Control and Restart Genetec™ Server options.

    Mission Control Installer: Custom Setup page.

  5. Click Install to complete the RabbitMQ upgrade.
    NOTE: During the install, it is expected that the Incident Manager role and the RabbitMQ manager web page displays warning messages.
  6. After the installer finishes its process, open Task manager and stop the RabbitMQ service.
  7. In the file explorer, delete the original certificate folder and rename the copied folder with the name of the original.
  8. Start the RabbitMQ service in the Task Manager.
    The Incident Manager role and the RabbitMQ manager web page does not display warning messages.
  9. Repeat the above process on all remaining RabbitMQ servers.