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Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes

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Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following enhancements.

RabbitMQ compatibility notice

RabbitMQ version 3.11.5 is installed as part of the Mission Control installer depending on your system environment.

For more information, see Installing Mission Control 3.1.

For more information about how to upgrade your RabbitMQ failover cluster, see the official RabbitMQ Clustering Guide.

General enhancements

Exported incidents are captured in the activity trail
When any incident is exported, the activity trail on the Latest activity widget captures the information along with the name of the user who exported the incident.
Threat level does not clear automatically
Closing an incident does not clear the threat level. The Security Desk user needs to manually change the threat level from the notification tray or an automation task can be configured to clear it when the incident is closed.

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