Genetec Mission Control™ incident reports - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.12

Genetec Mission Control™ Supplemental Guide for Incident Workflow Configurations

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Genetec Mission Control™ 2.12
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Genetec Mission Control™

You can generate custom incident reports with selected details using the Incident report task.

Incident report options

Genetec Mission Control™ logs all activity details, including operator actions, comments and more. You can view all details about an incident or multiple incidents by generating incident reports from the Incident report task in Security Desk. Unlike the Incident monitoring task, you can search and review incidents that you are not a recipient of.

Incident report filters

You can customize the incident reports to display only incidents with selected criteria. The Incident report task in Security Desk offers the following criteria to choose from:
Incident ID
Select the incident with a particular ID.
Incident type
Select all incidents of a particular type.
Select incidents in a particular state(s).
Select incidents triggered in selected locations.
Select incidents with selected priorities.
Trigger time
Select incidents triggered in a specific date and time range.
Select incidents with selected owner.
Select incidents with selected description. This can be a partial phrase of the incident description.
Response time
Select incidents with selected response time range.
Resolution time
Select incidents with selected resolution time range.

Custom incident list view

You can choose the details that you want the system to display in the Incident report task in Security Desk:
  1. Right-click the incident list header.
  2. Click Select columns.
    Tip: You can also use Ctrl+Shift+C.