Incident triggers - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.12

Genetec Mission Control™ Supplemental Guide for Incident Workflow Configurations

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Genetec Mission Control™ 2.12
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An incident trigger is an event or a sequence of events that can trigger an incident. The Genetec Mission Control™ Rules Engine looks for specific combinations of events (type, time, correlation, and frequency) in the system to determine whether to trigger an incident.

The Rules Engine is the component of the Genetec Mission Control™ system that analyzes and correlates the events collected by Security Center, based on predefined rules. The Rules Engine uses these events to detect and trigger incidents in the Genetec Mission Control™ system.

Incident triggers can include alarms, events, or a combination thereof. You can configure the conditions that trigger an incident on the Triggers page of the Incident configuration task in Genetec Mission Control™. You can trigger other incidents from the incident workflow.

Here is an example of an incident trigger that comprises of a combination of events occurring within a specific interval of time.

You can also configure incidents with the option to be triggered manually by selecting Allow manual trigger in the Incident configuration > Properties page.