Workflow design for Lockout tag out incidents - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.12

Genetec Mission Control™ Supplemental Guide for Incident Workflow Configurations

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Genetec Mission Control™ 2.12
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Incidents for Lockout tag out work need to be triggered manually and must comply with established procedures. You can do this by configuring an incident workflow that responds to a dynamic SOP.

Workflow design considerations for Lockout tag out incidents

In this scenario, the Lockout tag out incident workflow must automate the following activities:
  1. Disarm zone for maintenance work.
  2. Dispatch incident to maintenance staff.
  3. Send an email to notify selected recipients that lockout work has begun.

Workflow for Lockout tag out incidents

In this example, the workflow for Lockout tag out incidents is simple. It uses three workflow activities that are executed by the system when the incident is triggered.

The operator's screen for Lockout tag out incidents

This incident is configured to allow manual trigger, so the operator can trigger the incident from the Incident monitoring task in Security Desk in one of two ways:
  • Clicking Trigger incident and selecting the Lockout tag out incident. The operator can also select the Location from list and add comments related to the incident.
  • Right-clicking the location of the scheduled maintenance work on the map and selecting the Lockout tag out incident.

Triggering the incident activates the dynamic SOP configured for the incident. The operator receives the configured guidelines on how to resolve the incident.