Attaching entities to incidents - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.11 GA

Genetec Mission Control™ User Guide 2.11 GA

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Genetec Mission Control™ 2.11 GA
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As the Genetec Mission Control™ incident owner, you can attach entities that add information to the incident you are resolving, such as a camera to show the incident at a different angle, or a cardholder to show the picture of a person.

Before you begin

If the incident belongs to another user, you must first take ownership of the incident before you can attach entities to it. If the incident has no owner, attaching an entity automatically makes you the owner of the incident.


  1. In the Incident monitoring task, click the incident you want to work on (in the list or on the map).
    The incident details are displayed in the dashboard.
  2. In the dashboard, click Related entities.
    The related entities are divided into two groups:
    Source entities
    Source entities are automatically linked to the incident through either the location (area) of the incident, or the entity that triggered the incident.
    Attached entities
    Attached entities must be manually linked to the incident.
  3. At the bottom of the Attached entities section, click Add an item ().
    If you are viewing the incident in the Monitoring task, you can also drag the entity from the area view to the list of attached entities.
  4. From the dialog box that appears, select the entities you want to attach.
  5. Click Add.
    To remove an attached entity, select it from the list and click Remove the item ().


The entities are now attached to the incident. Double-click the incident to display the attached entities in the tiles of a Monitoring task.