Configuring incident triggers for Genetec Mission Control™ - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.11 GA

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Genetec Mission Control™ 2.11 GA
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To allow Genetec Mission Control™ to automatically detect and trigger incidents based on the data (events) collected by Security Center, you must configure the incident triggers.

Before you begin

  • Read What are incident triggers?.
  • Make sure that all entities (video cameras, LPR cameras, door sensors, alarm panels, zones, and so on) that can generate events in Security Center are configured. The Genetec Mission Control™ Rules Engine relies on these events to detect (trigger) incidents. For more information, see Event types.

What you should know

Some incident types, such as a child being lost in a shopping mall, cannot be automatically detected by the system. In these cases, you can skip the trigger definition, and focus on configuring the workflow and the standard operating procedures.


  1. On the incident Triggers page, click Add event ().
    The Event qualifying rule dialog box opens.

  2. Select the event (event type and event source) that must occur in order to trigger this incident.
    IMPORTANT: Make sure that the selected event source matches the event type, or no event will qualify. For example, a door event must be matched with a door entity, and a credential event must be matched with a credential entity.
  3. If the incident can be triggered by different events, click the button beside Events to add more events.
    You can also specify more than one source for the same event type. In the following example, the Access denied door event can occur either at the Front door or at the Side door. All Access denied credential events also qualify.

  4. (Optional) Click the button beside Conditions to add event correlation constraints.
    In the following example, three constraints have been added to the event qualifiers:
    • The configured Access denied events must occur at least three times (any specified events can qualify).
    • The third event occurrence must take place within 60 seconds of the first event occurrence.
    • No other events from the source can occur within this time frame.

  5. Click Save.
    A summary of your first event qualifying rule is displayed on the Triggers page.

  6. (Optional) Click Add event to add more event qualifying rules.
    The event qualifying rules are evaluated in sequence by the Genetec Mission Control™ Rules Engine. The first rule must be satisfied before the second rule is evaluated. You can add as many rules as you need.

    For subsequent event qualifying rules, you can specify Previous source as the event source for your event qualifiers. If you do this, make sure that the event type you select is compatible with the event source, or no event will qualify. For example, a credential event never occurs at a door.
    Tip: If you are not sure, select Specific source, and verify that the previous source is found in the list of available entities before changing it back to Previous source.
  7. Click Apply.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages. If using Internet Explorer, the video might not display. To fix this, open the Compatibility View Settings and clear Display intranet sites in Compatibility View.