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Monitoring incidents on maps provides a global assessment of a situation. On the map, you see the location, the overview, and the status of all incidents within the area.

The following figure shows the information that is available on an incident map:

Incident location
An incident marker is displayed at the location that an incident has been triggered. The icon and the background color of the marker represent the type of incident.
A circle appears around the incident that is currently selected. The item selected on the map is the same one that is selected on the list. The details of the selected incident appear in the dashboard. You can see associated video if a camera is attached to the incident.
Mouse over
When you move your mouse pointer over the incident on the map, a pop-up window appears with the following information:
The incident state (New, In progress, On hold, Resolved).
The incident owner is the incident recipient who took ownership of the incident. Only the incident owner can take actions to resolve the incident. An incident can only have one owner at a time.
Short text that describes the current situation.
External ID
ID that links the incident to an external system.
Incident priority (Low, Medium, High, Critical).
Location (area) of the incident.
Monitored by
List of users who are currently viewing the incident details in their dashboard.