Personalizing the default incident management options - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.11 GA

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Genetec Mission Control™ 2.11 GA
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You can personalize the default options for Genetec Mission Control™ incident monitoring and export them using the Incident monitoring task.

What you should know

Your personalized default incident management options are saved with your user profile.


  1. From the Security Desk home page, open the Incident monitoring task.
  2. In the toolbar, click Settings (), and then click Options.
    The Incident options dialog box appears.

  3. Change the default settings and click Apply.
    Incident monitoring
    The following options apply to incident monitoring.
    Minimum priority in notification tray
    Select the minimum priority required for a newly received incident to be displayed in the notification tray when no Incident monitoring task is open (Default = Low).
    Notification tray alert
    Select this option if you want the a pop-up window showing the active incident list to appear automatically every time a new incident is received, and no Incident monitoring task is open. By default, you must click on the incident icon () in the notification tray to display the pop-up window.
    Synchronize incident monitoring tasks
    Select this option to synchronize all Incident monitoring tasks on the selected incident and monitoring filter (Default = On). This feature is useful on multi-screen setups where one monitor only displays the incident list and another only displays the map.
    Show all incidents on default map
    Select this option to display all incidents on the default map (Default = On). For this option to work, your default map must be georeferenced and your incidents must be associated to a georeferenced map. If this option is turned off, incidents are displayed on the map that is attached to their location (area).
    Initial map zoom level for selected incidents
    Specify a zoom level between 0 (no zoom) and 100 (full zoom) that is applied to the map when selecting an incident in Incident monitoring (Default = 100) .
    Dashboard font size
    Specify a font size between 10 and 18 points for the incident dashboard (Default = 12). This setting affects the dashboard in the Incident monitoring and Incident report tasks.
    NOTE: After changing this setting, you must restart Security Desk before the change will take effect.
    When opening an incident in Monitoring
    The following options apply when you double-click an incident to open it in a new Monitoring task.
    Append map to incident content
    Displays the map with the incident in a tile (Default = On).
    Automatically change incident state
    Automatically changes the incident state to In progress if the incident is new (Default = On).
    Hide area view
    Hides the area view (left pane) in the Monitoring task (Default = On).
    Always use screen ID
    Opens the Monitoring task in the screen with the specified ID (Default = Off). When turned off, the Monitoring task is opened in the first screen that does not have an Incident monitoring task open.
    Export settings
    The following are the default settings for exporting incidents.
    Export current map view
    Includes a snapshot (JPG) of the current map view in the incident export folder (Default = Yes). This option is not available if the export is issued from the Monitoring task.
    Export event snapshots
    Includes a snapshot (JPG) of every camera associated to the events linked to the incident (Default = Yes). The snapshot is taken at the time the event occurred. A linked event can be the event that triggered the incident, or any event that is aggregated to the incident through the incident workflow.
    Export video for aggregated events
    Exports the video from cameras attached to the events aggregated to the incident (Default = Yes).
    Export related videos
    Exports the video from cameras directly attached to the incident (Default = Yes).
    Compress output
    Saves the incident export folder to the Vault as a zip file (Default = No).
    Delete intermediary file(s)
    Deletes the export folder and everything in it after the export is completed, and only keep the zip file (Default = No).
    Additional export format
    (Default) All incident details displayed in the dashboard are saved to an XML document. The XML document is used for data mining by third party applications.
    Incident details are saved to both an XML document and PDF document.
    Incident details are saved to both an XML document and HTML document.
    Playback offset
    Default playback offset (Default = 60 seconds).
    Default playback duration (Default = 5 minutes).