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Both Monitoring and Incident monitoring tasks can be used to monitor incidents. The Monitoring task is best for when you are using only one monitor. If you are using multiple monitors with Security Desk (four is the recommended number), it is recommended to use the Incident monitoring task.

Once an incident is triggered, the behavior of the incident and the things you can do with it are exactly the same within both tasks. The differences between the two tasks occur in their specific workspace layout. The following table lists these differences.

  Monitoring task Incident monitoring task
When to use Only one monitor is controlled by your Security Desk workstation, and you must view map and video side by side at all times. Multiple monitors are controlled by your Security Desk workstation.
Multiple task instances Supported. Supported.
Incident list Not supported. Supported.
Map display The map view replaces the tiles, and cannot show incidents. The map can be displayed alone or with the incident list and dashboard.
Incidents on the map Incidents are displayed only in tiles, one incident at a time. All incidents are displayed simultaneously on the map.
Span the incident across all monitors Not supported. The incident list, map, and dashboard can all be displayed on different monitors by using multiple instances of the task and modifying the layout.
Seeing video and map side by side Only when the tile showing the incident is unpacked. Displays the video in a tile bubble over the map.