Importing a dynamic SOP from a file - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.11 SR1

Genetec Mission Control™ User Guide 2.11 SR1

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Genetec Mission Control™ 2.11 SR1
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You can create a dynamic SOP by importing the configuration of another dynamic SOP previously exported to a CSV file.

Before you begin

You must first export a dynamic SOP to a CSV file.


  1. On the incident Procedure page, set the Procedure mode to Dynamic.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Import ().
  3. In the dialog box that opens, select the CSV file you want to import and click Open.

  4. If the file was not created by Genetec Mission Control™, verify in the Column matching section that all columns in the CSV file are matched to a step property.
    To change the mapping of a column, click the drop-down list beside the column name and make a different selection.

    If the columns are incorrectly mapped or if there are errors in the file, an error message is displayed at the bottom of the page in red. Fix the error and try again.

  5. Click Save.
    The graph is displayed on the Procedure page.
  6. Make the necessary changes to the dynamic SOP and click Apply.