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To allow other users manage one of your incidents when incident visibility is controlled by profiles, you can transfer your incident to another profile. By doing so, you also hide your incident from your list and from the list of all other users sharing the same profile as you.

What you should know

To transfer an incident from profile A to profile B, the following conditions must be true:
  • You must have the Transfer to a profile privilege.
  • You must be an allowed user of profile B.
  • The incident must not be visible through profile B.
  • Profile B must not be assigned to you.
  • Profile B must currently be assigned to someone.
After you transfer the incident from profile A to profile B:
  • The incident is hidden from your list.
  • The incident is hidden from the list of users who have profile A assigned.
  • The incident is shown in the list of users who have profile B assigned.
  • No other incident qualified by profile A are affected.


  1. Right-click the incident you want to transfer and click Transfer to a profile.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, select the profiles you want to transfer to, and click Apply.
    You can select more than one profile.


The action is applied immediately and is logged in the incident activity log.