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In Security Desk, you can use the incident details pane (right pane) to view all available information about a Genetec Mission Control™ incident and to perform all actions.

The following figure shows an example of the information that is available in the incident details pane:
A Title bar Displays the incident icon, type, and ID.

If you are the incident owner, you can change the incident properties (See B).

You can expand any section in the Incident tab of the incident details pane by clicking the section heading or the next to the section heading.

B Overview Displays basic incident information:
  • Description
  • State
  • Priority
  • Incident owner
  • Who is monitoring the incident
  • Where the incident occurred

You can edit details of incident overview such as Description and External ID by clicking Overview or the next to Overview and then clicking Edit ().

C Procedure (SOP) Displays the standard operating procedure (SOP) that you must follow to resolve the incident. Click View document () to read any supplemental information about the step.
D Add comment Click to add a comment to the incident activity log.
E Latest activity Displays the incident activity history. Every action performed on the incident is logged for audit and investigation purposes.
F Related incidents Displays incidents that are related to the selected incident, such as incidents from the same source and incidents of the same type. You can manually link other incidents to the selected incident.
G Related entities Displays the entities at the source of the selected incident. You can also manually attach entities to this incident.
H Related documents Displays all support documents attached to this incident. Click View document () beside a document name to open it.
I Actions Click to open the Actions menu. You can also right-click the incident in the incident list or on the map.
J Change state Click to change the incident to the indicated state.