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In the Incident monitoring task, you can monitor and respond to incidents in Genetec Mission Control™.

The following figure shows an Incident monitoring task in its default layout, with all three panes shown:
A Search Search for specific text in the incident type or the incident description.
B Filter Filter the monitored incidents based on a set of criteria. The number of filtering criteria applied is displayed in red beside the Filter () button.
C Profile Open the Profile selection dialog box for an operator, or the Profile assignment manager dialog box for a supervisor. The number of assigned profiles is displayed in red beside the Profile () button.
NOTE: This button is hidden if no profiles are defined in the system, or if the user is not allowed to see any profile.
D Trigger incident Manually trigger an incident. You can see the triggered incident on the map. (See I).
E Active incident count Number of active incidents that you are the recipient of. If a filter is applied (see B), the display indicates the number of filtered incidents out of the total number of active incidents.
F Map selector Indicates the map that is displayed. Click the map selector to select a different map.
G Settings Click the icon to change the presentation of your task workspace. You can show or hide certain UI elements, and change the position of the incident list in reference to the map. You can also change your default options for incident monitoring and export.
H Map area Map area showing where each incident occurred. Click an incident in the list to center the map on that incident. You can see the incident count (see E). Press F9 to alternate the display between List only, Map only, or Both.
I Selected incident The selected incident in the list is circled on the map and displayed in the incident details pane. Double-click an incident to open it in the Monitoring task.
J Trigger incident Right-click anywhere on the map to open a menu to manually trigger an incident at that location. Incident visibility might depend Profile configuration. (See C).
K Incident details pane The incident details pane displays the details of the selected incident.

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