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As an incident recipient or supervisor, you are notified of new incidents by default and receive incident-related notifications and reminders in your notification tray. You can respond to these notifications or dismiss them when you no longer want to see them.


  1. Click the Incidents () icon in the notification tray.
    A list of incident-related notifications opens. Notifications are followed by reminders, then incidents.

    If there are active incidents queued with Auto-open in Monitoring task, you can see the number of incidents in queue in the notification tray (). These incidents will automatically open in the Monitoring task in order of their trigger time.

  2. Respond to the incident notification as needed:
    • Click the notification or View in Incident Monitoring task () to display the associated incident in in the Incident Monitoring task.
    • Click View in Monitoring () to open a new Monitoring task and display the associated incident in a tile.
    • Click Dismiss () to remove the reminder from the list.
      NOTE: You cannot dismiss incidents from the notification tray.


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