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When video is available for an incident, you can either use the playback function to view what happened when the incident was triggered, or you can view live video for real-time coverage.


  1. On the map area of the Incident monitoring task, click the incident marker.
    If a video camera is attached to the incident, a video tile bubble appears over the map and displays a playback loop of the video at the time the incident was triggered.

    You can also see the video from an event in the Latest activity section in the incident details pane.

  2. Move your mouse over the video tile bubble to show the video timeline and the widgets.
    The following video widgets are available:
    Loop playback ()
    Click to cancel the looped playback.
    Thumbnails ()
    Show or hide thumbnail images.
    Rewind ()
    Reverse the playback. Each click of this button adjusts the reverse playback speed from - 1x to -2x, -4x, -6x, -8x, -10x, -20x, -40x, -100x. Click the Play button to revert playback to 1x (normal speed) in the forward direction.
    Forward ()
    Fast forward the playback. Each click of this button increases the playback speed from 1x to 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x. Click the Play button to revert playback to normal speed (1x).
    Play ()
    Play back the recording at normal speed (1x).
    Pause ()
    Pause the playback at the current frame.
    Switch to live ()
    Switch the displayed images from playback to live video.
    On the video timeline, you can do the following:
    • Move the timeline window by clicking and dragging the timeline.
    • Shrink or widen the timeline by turning your mouse wheel while the mouse cursor is over the timeline.
    • Create a looped playback by right-clicking the timeline (two timeline markers appear) and dragging the mouse over the section of the timeline you want the playback to loop.
  3. Click to switch between cameras if more than one is available.