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To allow another user to manage a Genetec Mission Control™ incident and to remove yourself and your user group from the recipient list, you can transfer the incident to users who are not currently listed as recipients.

Before you begin

You must have the Transfer incidents privilege.
NOTE: If the incident recipient list is set to Everyone, the option to transfer incidents is not visible.

What you should know

You do not need to take ownership of the incident to transfer it. When transferring an incident, ownership is released and the incident is removed from the owner's incident monitoring list. To keep visibility of an incident, forward the incident instead of transferring it.
Tip: You can also hide incidents you do not want to see by setting up a monitoring filter.


  1. In the Incident monitoring task, do one of the following:
    • Right-click an incident in the incident list.
    • Right-click an incident on the map.
    • Click Actions () at the bottom of the incident details pane, if the desired incident is already selected.
  2. Click Transfer.
    The Recipients dialog box opens, listing the users who are currently not recipients.
  3. (Optional) To guarantee that someone accepts your transfer, ask for the current owner's consent by turning Ask for consent to ON.
    The displayed recipient list is reduced to the users who are currently online.
  4. Click OK.


If you do not ask for consent, the incident is transferred to all selected recipients, whether they are online or not, and is removed from your workspace and the workspaces of your user group.

If you do ask for consent, a pop-up message opens on the screen of all selected recipients, who have 15 seconds to accept or reject your request. The incident is only transferred to those who accept. If at least one recipient accepts your transfer, the incident is removed from your workspace. If no one responds within the allotted time, the incident is not transferred.