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You can export all details and attached entities related to an incident to Genetec Clearance™ to share it with other parties. The export can be issued from the Incident report task for incidents that are closed.

Before you begin

Ensure you have the Send evidence to Clearance privilege configured to export incidents to Clearance.
NOTE: Incidents can be exported only when using the Genetec Clearance Plugin version 3.5.16 or later.

What you should know

Export incidents to new or existing cases in Clearance along with the PDF of your incident report, and the exported video files.


  1. In the Incident report task, generate the required report and select a closed incident from the list and click Export incident to Clearance.
    The Export incident to Clearance dialog box appears.
    Export incident to Clearance dialog box in Incident report task.
  2. Configure the export to Clearance. Choose one of the following:
    • Create new case
      Case name
      By default it is the incident name followed by its unique ID.
      The department within your organization that is responsible for the case. You can only select one department per case. For example, for a theft case, you can assign the case to the Loss Prevention Department.
      The type of incident. For example, you can categorize thefts as being either employee theft or shoplifting. You can only select one category per case.
      Incident start time
      By default this is the incident trigger time but can be modified.
      Incident number
      Unique incident ID.
      Record number
      A reference number for the case.
      A description of the case. Be descriptive so that others can easily find your case when searching for cases.
    • Select existing case
      Search field
      Type keywords for the existing case and click on . Select the case from the search result.
      Case validation
      Displays a message informing you whether you have the required privileges to update an existing case.
  3. Configure Export video:
    Playback offset
    Duration of video, in seconds, shown leading up to an event when you view an event in a tile. The default playback offset value is 60 seconds. You can set the value to 0 - 120 seconds.
    Length of the exported video.
  4. Click Export.


The case is added to the Clearance account.

For more videos on Mission Control operations, see the Using Mission Control in Security Desk video book.
Tip: There is a cheat sheet available for Mission Control operations in Security Desk.