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The notification tray contains icons that allow quick access to certain system features, and also displays indicators for system events and status information. The notification tray display settings are saved as part of your user profile.

Notification tray icons related to Genetec Mission Control™

Active incidents
The presence of the incidents () icon indicates that an incident has been triggered.
When you click on this icon you can see other details:
Incident related notifications such as maximum resolution time or response time not respected.
Incident reminders indicated by the presence of a bell icon ().
List of new incidents triggered in descending order of trigger time.
Auto-open in Monitoring task queue
When multiple incidents configured for auto-open are triggered, they get queued. You can see the number of incidents queued with auto-open in the Security Desk notification tray ().

Customizing your notification tray

You can choose which icons to display in the notification tray that appears in the upper-right corner of the application by default.

Best Practice: It is a good idea to show the icons that you use on a daily basis, so you can easily jump to the associated tasks.
To customize the notification tray icons:
  1. From the home page, click Options > Visual.
  2. From the drop-down list beside the icons in the Tray section, select how you want to display each item:
    Always show the icon.
    Always hide the icon.
    Show notifications only
    Only show the icon when there is a notification.
  3. Click Save.

For a list of Security Center notification tray icons, see Configuring the notification tray and ../SC/R_SC_NotificationTrayIcons.html.