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The Incident monitoring task provides a list of active incidents in the Genetec Mission Controlâ„¢ system. To organize these incidents, you can sort and group the items in the list by attributes such as state, priority, incident type, and so on.


To group the incidents on the list:

  1. Right-click any column header and select Group by.
    Clicking a column header sorts the list according to that attribute.
  2. In the Group by dialog box, configure the grouping and sorting rules:
    • Click Select columns and select grouping criteria from the list that appears.
    • To sort in descending order, click Ascending .
    • To sort in ascending order, click Descending.
    • To add another sub-group, click Select columns.

      You can add up to five grouping levels.

  3. Click Apply to save the grouping.
    In this example, incidents are grouped by category and then sorted by priority:

To change the column layout:

  1. Right-click any column header and select Select columns.
  2. In the Select columns dialog box, configure which columns appear in the incident list:
    • To add a column, select it from the Available columns list and click .
    • To hide a column, select it from the Selected columns list and click .
    • To change the order of a column, select it from the Selected columns list and click or .

      Columns higher in the list appear toward the left of the incident list. You can also click and drag column headings in the incident list.

  3. Click OK to save the column layout.


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