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You must take ownership of a Genetec Mission Control™ incident before you can take actions to resolve the incident.

What you should know

If an incident has no owner, performing an action that requires ownership automatically makes you the incident owner. If you have sufficient privileges, you can also take incident ownership from other users.

You cannot be the supervisor and the owner of the same incident. If you take ownership of an incident, you stop being the supervisor. To regain your supervisor status, you must transfer the incident to a user under your supervision who is not yet a recipient of the incident.


  1. In the Incident monitoring task, do one of the following:
    • Right-click an incident in the incident list.
    • Right-click an incident on the map.
    • Click Actions () at the bottom of the incident details pane, if the desired incident is already selected.
  2. Take ownership of the incident:
    • If the incident has no owner, click Take ownership.
    • If the incident belongs to another user, click Take ownership from another user.

      You require the Take incident ownership privilege to select this option.

  3. (Optional) If you are taking ownership from another user, ask for the current owner's consent by turning Ask for consent to ON.
    NOTE: If you do not have the Override incident ownership privilege, then the Ask for consent option is enabled by default and cannot be be disabled.
    If you do not ask for consent, the incident is immediately yours.

    If you do ask for consent, a message opens on the screen of the current owner, who has 15 seconds to accept or reject your request. If they do not respond, your request is rejected by default. You can try again later, or take ownership without asking for consent if you have the Override incident ownership privilege.

    If multiple users request to take ownership of the same incident, all other ownership requests are invalidated when one of them takes ownership.