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A Genetec Mission Control™ incident is an undesirable or unusual situation that needs investigation and resolution, or a routine, scheduled task that requires monitoring.

An incident can consist of one or more alarms and events, as shown in the following example:
Example of three events, that when occurring together, triggers an incident

In this example, when three separate events occur at the same time (Door forced open, Motion detected on camera, and Glass break), the Breaking and entering incident is automatically triggered. Incidents can be triggered by multiple possible sources, and they are usually not all active at the same time. The rules for automatic incident triggering are configured by an administrator.

If witnesses report problems that do not automatically trigger incidents, you can trigger incidents manually.

Incidents go through a series of preconfigured states, which depend on your actions and other events that occur in the system:

  1. When an incident is triggered, it is in the New state.
  2. When you respond to the incident, the state changes to In Progress.
  3. After all of the procedure steps are completed, or when the system events and alarms have all been acknowledged, the state changes to Resolved.
  4. The incident can then be changed to Closed.

These are the default preconfigured states in Genetec Mission Control™.

Depending on the incident configuration, there might be custom states for incidents. For example, a Camera maintenance incident can have a state called Repair needed that indicates the state of the camera equipment and directs system action, operator action, or both.