Opening the Genetec Mission Control™ Web API developer documentation - Genetec Mission Control™ Web API 1.1

Genetec Mission Control™ Web API Installation and Configuration Guide 1.1

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Genetec Mission Control™ Web API 1.1
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When the Web API is installed in a development environment, you can open the Web API help page for technical information about the API endpoints and other programming considerations.

Before you begin

What you should know

The Web API help page provides technical information that is intended for developers. Access to the developer documentation is disabled by default.


To open the Web API developer documentation:

Open the following URL in a web browser: https://<network_host>:<api_port>
  • <network_host> is the address of the computer hosting the Web API.
  • <api_port> is the network port assigned to the Web API. By default, port 9550 is used.
The web document opens.

After you finish

Explore the API. The web documentation is interactive and you can discover the endpoints by interfacing directly with Genetec Mission Control™. For any endpoint, click Try it out to explore.