What is the Genetec Mission Control™ Web API? - Genetec Mission Control™ Web API 1.1

Genetec Mission Control™ Web API Installation and Configuration Guide 1.1

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Genetec Mission Control™ Web API 1.1
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The Genetec Mission Control™ Web API is a suite of development tools with which our partners and customers can enhance their collaborative decision management systems by integrating additional software and custom functionality.

With the Web API, developers can create applications that interact with Genetec Mission Control™. This enables automation and promotes integration with other software systems.

By interacting with Genetec Mission Control™ as a Security Center user, the Web API provides secure access to incident data. The API user is bound by configurable privileges, and all modifications are logged in the incident history.

Main features

With the Genetec Mission Control™ Web API installed in Security Center, you can do the following:

  • Retrieve incident types that are in service and can be manually triggered
  • Retrieve all incident priorities
  • Retrieve all incident states
  • Retrieve active incidents sent to the Web API user
  • Trigger an incident
  • Link or unlink incidents
  • Perform commands on a specific incident
  • Retrieve all incidents linked to a specified incident
  • Retrieve all sources that are related to the specified incident
  • Receive notifications from Genetec Mission Control™