Limitations in Genetec Mission Control™ Web API - Genetec Mission Control™ Web API 1.2

Genetec Mission Control™ Web API Release Notes 1.2

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Genetec Mission Control™ Web API 1.2
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Genetec Mission Control™

Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following limitations:

Issue Description
2117590 When triggering an incident through the Web API, if you specify the location as both an entity identifier and geographic coordinates, the location will show as the entity in the incident list, but the incident will appear on the map at the provided coordinates.
2117554 WAPI: After changing the language in Security Center, incident states and priorities retrieved by the Web API are shown in the language set at installation.
Workaround: Change culturename in the Security Center language.xml file to the correct language.
2047551 WAPI: Genetec Mission Control™ Web API does not support automatic failover like other Security Center roles.
2030530 WAPI: C# code sample is not visible when the Web API developer documentation is open in Internet Explorer.
2025944 WAPI: Audit trail report shows logon events from the machine where the Web API is installed, not the machine where the request originated.
1957969 WAPI: Cannot connect to Security Center with the Web API after changing the secure HTTP port in Server Admin.
Workaround: Restart the Genetec™ Server service.