Genetec Motoscan™ connections - Genetec Motoscan™ 1.0

Genetec Motoscan™ Hardware Installation Guide 1.0

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Genetec Motoscan™ 1.0
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Genetec Motoscan™

The Genetec Motoscan™ main unit includes various connection ports that are used during installation, configuration, and operation.

  Connection Information
A Air vent Ensure that the air vents on the side and back of the unit are not blocked during operation.
B Main unit cable connection The main unit cable runs from the terminal block to the main unit and uses a bayonet connection.1
C 5 V USB power The USB port supplies 5 V and can be used to charge.2
D Power button When the blue power button LED is on and not flashing, the system is ready to read license plates.
E Left camera cable connection To reduce cable strain, the left camera connection is on the right.
F Right camera cable connection To reduce cable strain, the right camera connection is on the left.
G GNSS antenna Do not obstruct or attempt to remove the GNSS antenna.
H Ethernet cable connection Use when configuring the system with a connected laptop.2

1 When the unit is installed on the vehicle, always connect the main unit cable.

2 To prevent water infiltration, always secure the USB and Ethernet connector caps when the connections are not in use.