Genetec Motoscan™ system wiring diagram - Genetec Motoscan™ 1.0

Genetec Motoscan™ Hardware Installation Guide 1.0

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Genetec Motoscan™ 1.0
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Genetec Motoscan™

To install a Genetec Motoscan™ system, install the hardware components on the scooter, and connect them using the following wiring diagram.

NOTE: If turning off the ignition cuts all power from the scooter, you must include a Genetec Motoscan™ EV battery backup battery module.
  Component Description
A Genetec Motoscan™ main unit The main unit incorporates a two-camera AutoVu™ SharpX system mounted on a ruggedized case.
B Genetec Motoscan™ controller The controller features toggle switches for camera selection and LED lights to inform the driver of system status.
C Scooter 12 V power Genetec Motoscan™ typically draws less than 40 W and is designed to run on the power output of a scooter.
D Terminal block The terminal block allows for easy connection of system components.
E Ignition signal You must tap the scooter's ignition signal. This must be a circuit that supplies 12 V when the key is switched to the RUN position, and is off when the key is in the OFF position.