Installing the SharpX cameras on the Genetec Motoscan™ main unit - Genetec Motoscan™ 1.0

Genetec Motoscan™ Hardware Installation Guide 1.0

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Genetec Motoscan™ 1.0
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Genetec Motoscan™

To install the SharpX ALPR cameras, you must assemble the camera mounting brackets and connect the SharpX camera cables from the main unit.


  1. Attach the pan/roll bracket to the hardmount using four hex-head cap screws, flat washers, and split washers as shown in the documentation included with the hardmount. Set the alignment for the bracket to allow the bracket to pivot from forward facing to 90° to the side.
  2. To assemble the camera and tilt bracket, slide the SharpX camera on to the tilt bracket, with the bracket's open notch at the top. Leave about a 2.5 cm (1 in.) gap between the back of the bracket and the camera.
  3. Attach the camera to the tilt bracket using the Phillips pan-head screws, serrated washers, and flat washers.
  4. Attach the assembled SharpX camera and tilt bracket to the pan/roll bracket using hex-head cap screws, flat washers, and split washers.
  5. Position the cameras at a 45° angle horizontally with respect to the front of the scooter, tilt the camera down slightly as shown so that license plates pass through the center of the field of view, and tighten the screws to secure the camera in place.
  6. Repeat these steps to install the second SharpX camera.
  7. Connect the cables from the Genetec Motoscan™ main unit to the SharpX cameras.
    IMPORTANT: You must cross the camera cables as shown. If you do not cross the cables, the right and left camera selectors on the controller will be reversed.