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Genetec Motoscan™ Release Notes 1.0

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Genetec Motoscan™ 1.0
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Genetec Motoscan™

Genetec Motoscan™ 1.0 includes the following known issues.

Issue Description
1231977 When a Genetec Motoscan™ unit is installed on a scooter, the terminal block that is mounted under the seat is not protected from impact from other objects that might be stored under the seat. A protective cover for the DIN rail hardware must be included with the Genetec Motoscan™ kit.
1231967 An optional USB cable is provided with the Genetec Motoscan™ kit which can be used to power a cellphone or GPS device. Because the USB connector cannot easily be passed through the scooter body, the terminal block should provide power for the USB cable, allowing the USB cable to be cut and connected to new connectors on the terminal block.
1037494 If the cellular connection between a Genetec Motoscan™ unit and Security Center is lost, there is a short delay before GNSS positions are buffered on the Genetec Motoscan™ unit. This can result in lost positioning during ALPR route playback.