Default Genetec Patroller™ ports - Genetec Patroller™ 6.5

Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide 6.5

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Genetec Patroller™ 6.5
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Genetec Patroller™

This section describes all default ports used by Genetec Patroller™. You can allow the Genetec Patroller™ setup program to automatically open these ports, or you can open them manually.

Computer Inbound Outbound Port usage
Genetec Patroller™ in-vehicle computer HTTP 8001   Communication with Simple Host.
TCP 4545 TCP 4545 Communication from the mobile Sharp units.
TCP 4546   Time synchonization service for Sharp units.
TCP 8899   Used by the Patroller’s Updater Service to communicate with the mobile Sharp units (mobile Sharps are updated through Genetec Patroller™).
TCP 8666 TCP 8666 Used by Genetec Patroller™ and the Plate Reader Server (Sharp software) to communicate with their Updater Service.
TCP 8787   Used by Genetec Patroller™ to communicate with Pay-by-Plate plugin.
  HTTP 2323 Used by the Genetec Patroller™ and the Sharp to determine which Extension to load.
  UDP 5000 Used to discover connected mobile Sharp units.
  TCP 8731 Communication to the LPR Manager role.
  TCP 8889 Used to notify the mobile Sharp’s Updater Service to connect to the Patroller’s Updater Service on a specific address and port (Updater Service discovery).
  TCP 8832 Used to communicate with the LPR Manager role for updates (used by Patroller’s and fixed Sharps).