Configuring your Genetec Patroller™ options - Genetec Patroller™ 6.6

Genetec Patroller™ MLPI User Guide 6.6

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Genetec Patroller™ 6.6
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Genetec Patroller™

From the Options screen, you can adjust the sound and display settings for the Genetec Patroller™ interface.


  1. In the main Genetec Patroller™ window, tap Options.
    NOTE: The following screen capture is an example. The information displayed in the window varies depending on the Genetec Patroller™ mode you are running.
  2. Configure the following options:
    Adjust or mute the volume of audible alerts for reads and other events.
    Map behavior
    Tap if you want the Genetec Patroller™ to rotate as it changes direction (map always points north), or tap if you want the map to rotate as Genetec Patroller™ changes direction (Genetec Patroller™ always points to the top of the screen).
    NOTE: If Genetec Patroller™ was installed without maps, this option is not available.
    NOTE: If you are running MLPI mode, this option is not available.
    Text size
    Adjust the text size as required.
  3. Close the Options screen.