Starting the custom MLPI application - Genetec Patroller™ 6.6

Genetec Patroller™ MLPI User Guide 6.6

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The Genetec approved handheld computer is a rugged device with an integrated camera that lets you manually collect license plate information and export it to Security Center.

Before you begin

You must copy the following folders from the Security Center server to the handheld computer:
  • The MLPI application folder (MLPISmartDevice12 or MLPISmartDevice20).
  • The Zones.xml folder.
For more information about creating and configuring parking facilities in Security Center, see Creating parking facilities.

What you should know

On startup, the eyeWARE application is automatically started as well. If you close eyeWARE, you'll need to restart the application to resume capturing vehicle reads.


  1. On the handheld computer, navigate to the location where you copied the custom MLPI application folder: My Device\SystemCF\<Name of MLPI folder>\MLPISmartDevice12 or MLPISmartDevice20).
  2. Tap Genetec.LicensePlateManagement.MLPI.SmartDevice.exe.


The start page appears.

A Tap to view the Assembly version and application copyright information.
B Tap to capture an image. This button is available once you have selected a location.
C Tap to set the location within a parking facility.
D Once you have selected a location, you can tap to scroll between rows in the location.

After you finish

Select a location to start capturing plate images.