Known issues in Patroller 6.7.0 - Patroller 6.7.0

Genetec Patroller™ Release Notes 6.7.0

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Genetec Patroller™ 6.7.0 includes the following known issues.

Issue Description
3425419 When installing Patroller using mixed mode authentication, an issue occurs if you enter a SQL Server password that does not respect the password strength guidelines stated in the installer. In this case, Patroller is installed, but SQL Server uses Windows authentication instead of the expected mixed mode. For more information, see ../_KB/KB_79168_PatrollerMixedMode.html.
2973973 All vehicles using Plate link must run the same map engine version. If using BeNomad, ensure the .glic file version matches, for example, Genetec_NAM-CAN-USA-MEX_NT_2020.2.glic.
2972579 Permits assigned to a new permit restriction might not be visible in Genetec Patroller™ until the application is restarted.
2972491 In an area where GPS satellite reception is blocked by nearby buildings, if the GPS location is not accurate when the patrol vehicle enters a covered parking facility and loses GPS reception, the positions of the vehicles in the parking facility will also not be accurate.
2972057 There are no indications on the Patroller Diagnostics page when high frequency position is active.
2684487 As a patrol vehicle moves and the map is redrawn, the blue line indicating the vehicle path can sometimes extend a short distance beyond the vehicle location.
2592488 For patrol vehicles that are configured to send live reads, hits, and positions to the server, when an offload is then performed manually, some offload files might not be processed by the ALPR Manager.
2592411 If the cellular connection between Patroller and Security Center is lost, there is a short delay before GNSS positions are buffered. This can result in a lost positioning during ALPR route playback. This issue is not present when offloading at the end of a patrol, but effects Patroller systems that are configured to send Patroller positions live to Security Center Server.
Workaround: You can correct the displayed route by offloading Patroller data at the end of the patrol.
2296616 Patroller does not consider the permit restriction time range in last chance lookup calls.